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Brewhaha Brouhaha Volume 1.9

The 2021 Second Quarter Brouhaha

As we wrap up the second quarter of 2021, Brewhaha Roasters is excited about Summer! We have continued to grow and have taken the opportunity to improve some of our production equipment and upgrade our facility. EQUIPMENT One item purchased is a new weigh/fill machine. The weigh/fill machine measures out exactly the weight you would like to use and makes filling the bags faster. Another machine that helps us is a new vacuum loader/destoner. The vacuum transfers the beans to the weight/fill hopper without having to lift the beans into the hopper.

We also purchased a Ditting commercial coffee grinder that can grind 5 pounds of coffee in 1 minute! This new grinder makes it much easier for us to fill orders for our Workman’s Relief CBD coffee called Daily Grind. We use our Good Sumatran coffee ground and mixed with Workman’s Relief CBD, water soluble powder. CLICK HERE to find Workman’s Relief Daily Grind coffee

Lastly, we purchased a new bag sealer for our 12 ounce bags. Not only does it seal our bags, it also imprints the Lot Number on the top of the bag (the date we roasted the coffee).

We’ve made major investments to make the process of bagging your favorite coffee as smooth and as fast as possible.


Brewhaha Roasters has always been focused on giving back to our community. We love to see local groups and organizations succeed in making a difference for the people around us. This August, we will be working with 4PeteSake to help raise money for several recipients (more info on their website). "What began in 2005 as an impassioned effort to help a 20-year-old cancer survivor has become a summer tradition and a symbol of the River Valley’s commitment to helping neighbors in need."

Starting August 1st we'll be selling a 1 pound bag of Rwanda medium-roasted coffee with all proceeds going to help 4PeteSake.

Another big announcement is that we've partnered with Soul Seed Marketing (formerly Strategic Partners Marketing out of Madison, Wisconsin) to develop a more effective marketing and brand strategy plan to help us grow. We are excited to work with these strategic thinkers!

Finally, we are proud to announce that we have another cafe using our great coffee. Let’s Shine Coffee at 815 Water Ave in Hillsboro, Wisconsin; Aaron’s hometown! Check them out HERE:

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