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Brewhaha Roasters Coffee Spotlight: Tenacious Brew

Our Tenacious Brew is a single origin coffee from Guatemala. We are proud to offer this delicious coffee from one of the more famous regions of Guatemala, the Huehuetenango ( generally said “way-way-ten-AN-go”) region. The coffee fruit is grown as high as 2,000 meters (1200 miles) above sea-level.

Coffee from this region is marked with crisp malic (sour) and citrus acidity, full body (strong and pleasant with a feeling of a pleasant roundness and creaminess in the mouth created by oils and sugars), and toffee sweetness, which leads to some of the most complex coffee Guatemala has to offer.

We have been happy to partner with our direct importers who have worked hard in developing relationships within several of the growing regions of Guatemala. Cafe Imports, our main buyer, has been able to work with growers and cooperatives to keep their quality offerings high but also to help them earn premium prices and recognition for their outstanding coffees.

This allows smallholder farmers the opportunity to place a larger selection of their harvest into the hands of the same buyers, which provides not only price stability and market access, but also the ability to enjoy recognition and gain valuable feedback about their production.

Find our Tenacious Brew at your local grocery store or on sale at our website for 10% off until the end of February.

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