Where Do Our Coffee Beans Come From?

We maintain small batch, artisan roasts...

We are dedicated to providing the freshest roasts. We do this by roasting weekly so coffee doesn’t sit too long on in our roastery or your grocery store shelf.


Is our coffee Organic or Fair Trade?


We use superior beans grown by farmers who practice sustainable farming methods, and provide fair and healthy conditions for their workers.

As one of our Colombian coffee importers has repeatedly told us, there are so many small coffee farmers in the world who cannot afford to join the larger coops to get the organic and fair trade certification.  The buyers we work with strive to pay well above the Fair Trade minimums for each farmer’s crop to ensure small, local farmers are rewarded for their commitment to producing good, clean coffee and enriching their communities.

Our Single Origin Coffee Roasts

Bump & Grind - Costa Rican

Good Sumatran - Indonesian Sumatran

Tenacious - Guatemalan Huehuetenango

Colombian Decaf - Colombian Excelso Blend 

Crypto Coffee – Colombian Casanare

Wicked Snow Day - Bali, Indonesia


Our Blend Coffee Roasts

Whirling Dervish - Colombian & Kenyan Beans

Strike up the Band – Sulawesi & Ethiopian

Buxom Blend - Colombian, Kenya & Mexican


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