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Brewhaha Brouhaha 2022.1

Brewhaha 4th Quarter 2021 (a bit late) & Brewhaha 1st Quarter 2022


We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Deb Pierce, Associate Professor of Communications at UW-Madison in her Social Media Marketing class. Brewhaha Roasters is the primary subject matter for the students during the semester. The class is split up into three different teams that are exploring marketing opportunities for Brewhaha Roasters.

Main subjects included: Identification of Target Customers, current trends of Brewhaha’s Marketing efforts, social media efforts compared to other coffee roasting companies, and suggestions for Brewhaha Roasters future marketing efforts. You may have noticed an uptick in our social media presence already! If not, please look for us on Instagram and TikTok!

We are very lucky to have this opportunity and are grateful to Professor Pierce and her students. We look forward to seeing the final suggestions from the students at the end of the semester.

Speaking about our social media; if you haven't seen it, we are sharing our Coffee Roasting mixtapes on Spotify now. You'll find a mixtape for each roasting session we do. Does it affect the way the coffee roasts; you be the judge. You can find the exact playlist by looking at the Julian Date embossed on top of each of our coffee bags. It'll look something like this: 2022044.


A recurring theme in our newsletters is expansion. As we continue to grow, we are excited to announce we are now in three additional Festival Foods stores in Stevens Point, Wausau, and New London Festival Foods.

Another new grocery store you can find us is at Main Street Market Piggly Wiggly in Lodi which has taken over ownership of the Piggly Wiggly in Waunakee, Wisconsin. This Piggly Wiggly will be another new store for us in 2022.

We are excited and proud to announce several new cafe's and restaurants that will be offering Brewhaha Roasters coffee. One we mentioned before, 1855 Coffee House located downtown Mazomanie, Wisconsin will be opening VERY SOON. Michelle VanSchyndel is working very hard getting their coffee shop opened.

Another new location we are excited to announce is Forward Craft Coffee, a new cafe that will be located on Atwood Avenue in Madison. They will be featuring Brewhaha Roasters Coffee exclusively upon opening sometime in May 2022. They will also be offering a variety of food and locally brewed beer products. We are very excited to be in the Madison market.

Finally, Arthur’s Supper Club located on Highway 14 in Spring Green has decided to switch their coffee to Brewhaha Roasters. Kris Stoddard has taken over ownership late in 2021 and has turned the restaurant around with new events and great food and drinks. Arthur’s is now, once again, known for the best steaks around! They also have a great offering for breakfast and lunch. Which will now include Brewhaha Roasters Coffee.


We have helped a couple organizations raise money through customized fundraisers over the last few months. Our fundraisers provide around a 40% profit margin for your organization. If you are interested in using Brewhaha Roasters Coffee for your future fundraiser, please feel free to reach out to us at


Over the past couple years, we have all seen challenges to our economy. The coffee roasting community has not been exempt from these issues. We have seen costs rise from 30% to 40% at times. We have had to adjust our prices slightly at the beginning of this year, however, we believe we may have to make a few more adjustments in the second quarter. Our goal is, and always will be, to deliver premium, fresh roasted coffee at an affordable price. We believe even with a price adjustment coming, Brewhaha Roasters coffee will continue to be the most affordable option for premium coffee drinkers.

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