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Summer Coffee Drinks and Treats

We're all about fun in the summertime, including a great beverage. Some people continue to take their coffee black and brewed when the days reach scorching temps. But sometimes it’s nice to have a cool, refreshing summer coffee treat. Here are eight ideas to spark inspiration.

Coffee ice cubes

Kick your caffeinated drinks and libations up a notch with coffee ice cubes. Simply brew a batch of your favorite Brewhaha roast, cool, fill an ice cube tray, and freeze. Then add them to your favorite beverage, including any of those listed below.

Honey & Lavender Summer Cold Brew

Honey and lavender are an unbeatable combination and a bit of an unusual summer twist for coffee. To create this drink, first, make your cold brew however you like. Next, whip up a batch of honey lavender simple syrup using this recipe from The Spruce. Fill a glass with ice, a few splashes of simple syrup, a dash of your favorite creamer, and top off with the cold-brewed coffee.


Why should kiddos get to have all the fun hot-weather sweet treats? Trade your summer coffee drinks for a coffee popsicle. Mix your favorite coffee beverage, fill a popsicle mold, and freeze. Some ideas: mocha with half and half, caramel macchiato with oat milk, and vanilla latte with almond milk.

Cold Brew Float (Affogato)

An affogato is an Italian dessert drink that combines vanilla ice cream with espresso. Make your own affogato at home. First, brew some of our new Will Power espresso. Scoop some of your favorite vanilla (or any flavor!) ice cream into a mug and pour on the caffeine. Drizzle on some caramel or chocolate syrup. If you’re feeling indulgent, add whipped cream. Then devour.


Why double-fist your morning beverages when you can get it all in one glass? Just add coffee to your smoothie. In a blender, combine your favorite protein powder, berries, and coffee ice cubes. Fill to the top with your liquid of choice.

Coffee Granita

A granita is a simple frozen treat that’s often made with fruit. Kick yours up a notch with some java. Follow this recipe from The Kitchn and use coffee as the liquid. Fruits to try include strawberries, blueberries, or cherries.


Horchata is a rice milk drink sweetened with sugar and cinnamon that hails from Latin America. Give yours a little extra zing by mixing in some Buxom Blend cold brew.

Coffee Cola

We’re seeing coffee-infused colas hitting the shelves as people look for new ways to caffeinate. Make your own by filling an ice-filled glass with half of your favorite cola and half Good Sumatran.

Have any refreshing summer coffee drinks to add to the list? Which of those above can’t you wait to try?

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