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Brewhaha Brouhaha Volume 1.4

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

First off, we hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Now, a lot has happened since we last talked so, here are the highlights!

Strike Up The Band is BACK! You may have seen our teaser on social media with a recording of Strike Up The Band, by George Gershwin. This roast is our take on a traditional Moka-Java Blend. A perfect combination of Sulawesi and Ethiopian coffee beans that creates some strong melody and intense rhythm! Grab a bag online today!

This summer is going to be a big one! We are excited to be partnering with The American Players Theatre as their featured coffee provider! Come get a taste at one of many amazing shows in a beautiful theatre in the woods. Their season is currently postponed, so check their website for up dates and get tickets!

We have been featured in Madison Magazine... TWICE! They are such a great group to work with and we have enjoyed attending their events. We first served coffee at the Best of Madison Luncheon and then were invited back to showcase our coffee and the Madison Magazine Top Shelf Winter Tasting event. This event was especially fun because we were able to interact with a lot of our fellow local business owners.

THANK YOU! We know times are tough for some right now and the world is a crazy place, we appreciate you. We have had a boost in online sales that has been really cool to see. We are so glad to be able to still get you your favorite roast from the comfort of your home. Please, stay home and stay safe!

GOALS Our goals are simple... Roast darn good coffee and make it available for everyone to enjoy safely.

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