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Here at Brewhaha we have been very busy during 2020. Especially during the second quarter of this year.

First, we were contacted by The Conscious Carnivore, a whole animal butcher shop that provides expertise to help customers be more knowledgeable about what and how to eat. They had an idea. We were thrilled to be part of it. What an honor it was to team up with Conscious Carnivore and other local businesses to complete care packages for American Players Theatre actors and workers stranded in the River Valley area due to APT closing its doors because of Covid. We donated over $400 of coffee and were proud to do it. We are also proud of our community for all the support of APT.

Speaking of APT, as you may or may not know Brewhaha was selected to be the premier coffee for this season. Due to the cancellation of the season we teamed up with APT to conduct an online coffee sale to raise funds. We were able to donate over $2,000 from the proceeds of the sales of our We Are Leaving The Lights On For You blend directly to APT.

We have gotten into many new grocery stores during this year. After working on it for two years we were picked up by the Wholesale Distributor Certco. They service over 100 stores in southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. With their help Brewhaha Roasters Coffee can be found at the Piggly Wiggly in Lake Geneva, Sendik’s in Mequon, and Lake Mills Market.

We also paired up with Merwin Distributors out of Marshfield. They distribute to all seven of the Festival Foods we are in and all four Piggly Wiggly locations. New stores they’ve gotten us into include Ladysmith Fresh Market in Ladysmith and County Market in Medford.

Please see the map on our website for all of our locations.

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