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Brewhaha Brouhaha Volume 1.7

The 2020 Forth Quarter Brouhaha

I think we can all say we are glad 2020 is now officially over. We hope everyone has stayed safe during these tumultuous times and your health and happiness continues throughout 2021. Things have remained pretty steady here at Brewhaha throughout the 4th quarter of 2020. We continue to try and get our product closer to you by getting into more stores, but Covid has slowed this process down for us, as it has for many of us. We are staying busy through, with supplying our two distributors, who distribute our product to grocery stores in Southwest Wisconsin. We are working hard at getting into more Festival Foods locations on the West side of Wisconsin - be on the lookout for coffee on the shelves. You currently can find us in seven Festival Foods around Southwest Wisconsin. (see our website for exact locations). Our goal is to get into eight more Festival Foods in the LaCrosse and Eau Claire/Marshfield markets, we are just waiting for approval from the corporate office. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Similarly we are working on getting into all the Woodmans stores. You can find us in four Woodman stores that surround Madison, Wisconsin. Soon, we’ll be in all of them! Our online sales have steadily increased over 2020 as well with all of you “at home” coffee drinkers; thank you!

Speaking of online sales, we have partnered with a wonderful local baker from the River Valley Area. Her name is Sidney, and she owns Sidney Bakes, where you'll find delicious custom cakes and cookies. We have three great Valentines gift boxes now available on our web store; check ‘em out! Only 3 cookies survived the photo shoot of the gift boxes!

Unfortunately, our seasonal roast, Wicked Snow Day, has completely sold out. You may still be able to find it at a few local grocery stories in Southwest Wisconsin.

Watch for it again later this year around the end of October.

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