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Brewhaha Brouhaha Volume 1.1

Greetings from Brewhaha Roasters! This is our initial newsletter for all of you that have signed up. Thanks for that by-the-way.

We really appreciate you as a customer!

This newsletter is intended to give you updates and current events surrounding the brouhaha at Brewhaha Roasters. We hope to send these updates monthly.


First the big Brewhaha news. WE’VE MOVED! We have moved our world wide headquarters from Washington Street to 515 Rainbow Road, Unit #6, both located in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Why did this happen? Several factors led to the move but the biggest reason was just the great opportunity to operate in a larger facility. This move allowed us to have a production facility AND the possibility of a store front. We made this move in early January and have settled in nicely. We now have much more space for our green beans, roaster, and larger new roasting equipment.


A few months ago Pat got a text from a guy named Chris, who works for Viamo Coffee Equipment. He contacted Pat to see if Brewhaha Roasters would be interested in buying another roaster or any other equipment for our business. Pat, Aaron, and Matt all went to Viamo’s facility in Middleton, WI. There we learned that Chris and Viamo work directly with Victor Mondry. Yes, the coffee ‘pioneer’ Victor Mondry from Victor Allen’s Coffee. All three of us had the pleasure to meet Mr. Mondry and Chris at the facility and get a tour of all the equipment they had for sale. What a thrill it was for us to meet Mr. Mondry. Victor Mondry was very gracious and polite, he even personally made each one of us an Espresso. Unfortunately, Mr. Mondry passed away after a battle with Esophageal Cancer last December. Here’s a great article from the Wisconsin State Journal if you want to learn more about Victor:

We were able to purchase several items from Viamo. Our biggest purchase was a weigh and fill machine that would allow us to meet our much appreciated higher demand. Before the weigh & fill machine, we would measure out each individual 12 ounce or 5 pound bag on a scale one at a time. Now we can package the entire 30 pound bin of roasted coffee beans in 15 minutes with more accuracy. Thus making the bagging process MUCH easier and faster.

We also purchased a sealer, used to seal the bags keeping our roasted coffee fresh. Before this, we used a hand sealer one at a time. Now we can seal three bags at a time!

We also purchased many commercial coffee makers and airpots. We can now supply equipment if an office, cafe or business would like to start using our coffee.


We continue to move forward in attempting to sell in more stores around Southwest Wisconsin. A few months ago we broke into the Madison market with the help of Joel Rhoades. Joel owns a food distribution business who also lives in Spring Green, Wisconsin. We now sell our coffee at both of the Metcalfe's Markets in Madison, Wisconsin. One is located by Hilldale Mall and the other is located by West Towne Mall. Our coffee is selling great at both locations and we are excited for that to continue.

We also recently started selling at Quillin’s Quality Foods in Reedsburg along with Rural Route 1 Popcorn’s retail store located in Monfort, Wisconsin.


Our goals are simple... Roast darn good coffee and make it available for everyone to enjoy.

Our next step is to find a distributor. We would like to team up with a distributor to reach a multitude of stores. We have spoken to many distributors and are working on which one fits us the best.

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