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Brewhaha Brouhaha Volume 1.8

The 2021 First Quarter Brouhaha

As we finish the 1st quarter of 2021, there is definitely a feeling of hope in the air! We, at Brewhaha, have remained healthy and are continuing our quest to bring you the best coffee at the best price. We are very excited to share some major announcements with you in this newsletter.

MILESTONES In May, we will have been roasting on our beloved Mill City 15 kg Roaster, manufactured locally in the United States by a Minneapolis, MN company, for almost 4 years. We are marking this milestone by expanding and remodeling our production space to include more equipment to streamline our production and capacity. Look for updates on social media.

NEW STORES!!!! As we have mentioned in each newsletter, we are constantly trying to get into more stores to make it more convenient for you to enjoy our delicious coffee. It is sometimes a challenge but perseverance is the key.

We are delighted to announce that we have gotten approval to put Brewhaha Roasters coffee into EIGHT more Festival Foods stores! That will put us in FIFTEEN Festival stores overall. The new stores are in the LaCrosse and Eau Claire markets and are currently on the shelf waiting for you!


Eau Claire - Birch Street

Eau Claire - Clairemont

Eau Claire - Mall Drive


LaCrosse - Copeland Ave

LaCrosse - Village



We also are VERY excited to let you know we have gotten approval to start putting our coffee into 20 Hy-Vee stores! THREE stores in Madison and 17 stores in Illinois. This will be our first major venture outside of the state of Wisconsin. We are working hard to deliver our products to these stores and hopefully they will be on the shelf at the end of the month.

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