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Brewhaha Brouhaha Volume 1.2

Greetings from Brewhaha Roasters! This is our second newsletter for all of you that have signed up.

We really appreciate you as a customer!


For the past 15 years a group of dedicated volunteers from the River Valley has organized this non-profit fundraising event. 4PeteSake’s mission, “provides relief to distressed River Valley residents who face extraordinary financial needs and who are unable, through no fault of their own, to provide for themselves.” This year we had the privilege to be directly involved with 4 Pete’s Sake major fundraiser, A Day In The Park. We set up a booth to serve both hot and cold brewed coffee. We also bagged up our “4 Pete’s Sake” flavor. A Rwandan bean roasted perfectly for a delicious cup. Lastly, we donated a years worth of coffee to the silent auction. This year the highest bidder was $380.

You can learn more about the wonderful organization 4 Pete’s Sake at


A few months ago we stumbled upon a new social media idea after one of our good friends posted a picture drinking our coffee on Instagram. Lisa Roelke and Kathy Bastin of Spring Green were at the Moore’s Bay on the Chippewa Flowage when they snapped a picture and sent it to us. So we began to wonder, where are you drinking Brewhaha coffee? We asked you to share your special coffee spots with us using the #DrinkingBrewhaha hashtag. Since then we’ve had many pictures come in and want more. Please, keep them coming! We’ve had one from Zion National Park in Utah, Castle Rock Lake in Wisconsin, a wedding in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, and from 10,760 feet of elevation in Colorado.


We are SUPER excited to announce that you are now able to find our coffee at these new locations around Madison, Wisconsin area:

  • Woodman’s West - Gammon Road

  • The Sow’s Ear - Verona (This super cute little cafe and yarning store - You can have a great cup of our coffee while you knit or look for knitting supplies. )

  • Festival Foods - Verona (just opened this month)

  • View the COMPLETE map here!


Our goals are simple... Roast darn good coffee and make it available for everyone to enjoy.

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